New Mega Rocket By NASA Is Under Construction And Soon Going To Blast A Good News

The space adventures are now failing to put in a new rocket which is built in Alabama. NASA is really doing a swell job of setting up and navigating such a rocket. It demanded for $1.3 to make its next jumbo rocket from the budget of 2017 from the congress.

New Mega Rocket By NASA Is Under Construction

Congress was likewise interested in the program. Despite of all the government issues it provided extra $995 million to the space agency for betterment of this project. The new rocket being built has no decided destination at this time, and also wouldn’t be able to carry any astronaut into the space until at least 2023.

This new rocket might seem a little too expensive right now, but as claimed by NASA, it will pave a new way for human to get into the Earth’s surrounding. With so high budget being spent on the construction, there might not be enough money left for the equipment that is required by the astronaut to survive on another planet.

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